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I'm Adam J. Fischer and I am Not a Politician!!  I never wanted to be!

Wisconsin needs strong leadership more now than ever. I'm a hardworking Christian, Former Police Officer, and Business Owner.  After lots of consideration and prayer, I have decided to run for Governor of Wisconsin in 2022. 

I've watched the state that I love fall victim to riots, crime, and looting. I've seen our selfless police officers be threatened and demonized. The same people who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. As a former law enforcement officer, I've seen first hand how challenging the job is. Unless you wear that badge and walk that walk, you can never truly understand. I'm tired of our brave men and women being mistreated.

 I'm watching as our healthcare workers are being forced out of their jobs. Have we as a state forgotten all they have sacrificed for us? I have not. I love our medical professionals. I don't know where I would be today without all of the caring nurses that I've had in my life.

I've seen our hardworking Wisconsin business owners close their doors for good due to government shutdowns, terrorist groups burning down their buildings, and poor leadership in Madison. 

My parents always said if you don't like something, to go do it yourself.  


So, I see a broken World.  No God.... no respect...People acting like immature children fighting with each other about their feelings being hurt.  What happened to loving your neighbor as yourself?


Something that my grandparents used to say is if a person is hungry enough, they will go to work, and if they're getting into trouble, they haven't worked enough hours.


I believe that everyone who is not disabled should go to work and support themselves and their own families. You reap what you sow! Working is rewarding. You feel great about bringing home the bacon and providing for yourself.  What is even better is having some leftover to help others in real need!


I've had enough of sitting on the sidelines and watching! I'm here to make a change. As Governor of Wisconsin, I will work with the people of this great state to bring back jobs and make sure that we, as a state, are open for business. I'm not politically correct, I am real. I am honest. I've had enough of watching career politicians talk about what they're going to do. The time for talking is over. We deserve a leader that will take action. I am the man for that job! 


Let's do this together! I hope I can earn your vote! 

I stand for FREEDOM 

As your Governor, I will work hard to protect our God-given rights. I stand with healthcare workers, business owners, teachers, students, and all Wisconsinites when it comes to their medical freedom. I will take a stand against mask mandates and mandatory vaccines. I will not be bullied by the agenda of the radical left.  I will not sit back and watch while our government makes us choose between our livelihood and liberty. The buck will stop with me. 

I Love Wisconsin! We are One Nation-One People- Under One God!!



Every life is a precious gift from God. I will work to protect all life. I will work to enhance the adoption system in Wisconsin. Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations."


I believe that many of the issues that we face as a nation and state involve the financial burden that many of us face making ends meet. These are challenging times we live in. I will work to make sure that our moms and dads don't have to work two or three jobs just to pay the bills. 



Our education system is broken and I plan to fix it. Our teachers need support. The support that was promised to them by our current administration was never delivered. We need to fix our community schools. We can not accept that bad schools are a lost hope. We need to teach life skills such as balancing a checkbook, investing, cooking, growing a garden, shop classes, and real skills. I'm eager to listen to our teachers and come up with solutions. Education is everything, and our teachers are precious and valuable.




I'm a concealed carry license holder. I stand with Wisconsin gun owners and I believe in our constitutional right to bear arms. As a gun owner and free American this issue is very important to me. 

Wasteful Spending

I spend a lot of time all over the state and witness countless acts of wasteful spending every day. I plan to make common-sense decisions on how our money is invested. 



Farmers are the backbone of Wisconsin, and they always have been. They have been treated so poorly, the buck will stop with me. I've spent many hours on my tractor, planting and growing crops. I appreciate all that our farmers do. Let's face it, without them we would be nothing. I look forward to meeting with farmers and getting to the bottom of their needs and addressing them. 




Tax prices and fuel prices are outrageous right now. We need to stop the foolish spending! I believe the taxpayer could save an average of $10,000 per year, give or take if we stopped this wasteful spending. We could also use that money for real needs, like our children, teachers, police, military, firefighters, hospitals, farms, businesses, and Wisconsin people who are struggling! 

Putting Americans First

We need to take care of American citizens! We need to stop giving entitlements to illegal immigrants. While I care about all of God's children, we are struggling as a state and a nation, and we need to take care of American citizens.


Police Lives Matter!

The great men and women of law enforcement need to be able to do their jobs! They put their lives on the line for us each and every day and they are being demonized for it. This needs to stop! As Governor, I will not sit back and allow crime, looting, and murders to happen. This will stop. This is America, the greatest nation on earth, not a war zone!



The great men and women of the military need to be able to do their jobs!! They put their lives on the line for us each and every day! They have a lack of funding and support. This is unacceptable! As Governor, I support our military members of all branches and will give them all the support that I can! 


Covid and the Economy

Haven't we lost enough? It's time to bring our businesses back better than ever. It's time we get back to work and stop the handouts.  When I take office, there will be no more being paid to sit home while our economy collapses.  We will go back to work and we will be open for business. 

Dependence on the Government

Government dependency is destroying our state.  Everywhere we look, we see "Now Hiring" signs. Small businesses are shutting their doors due to lack of employees.  Under my leadership, I will put people back to work. 

We as a nation and a state have made generations of families dependent on the welfare system and public assistance.  These programs were never intended to become a way of life; instead, they were meant as a helping hand for truly struggling families, for short periods of time. It's time that we break this generational curse. 

We need to teach our children that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. I will work together with the people of  Wisconsin to develop new initiatives to stop the generational cycle of government dependency.  Whatever happened to the American dream?  To pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, going to work, and providing for our own families.We need to bring that mindset back.